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         This is the most important field within the planet, and the one that everyone put his efforts into. Technology is a collection of different things that builds up towards a specific goal. This is the concept that this race use for technology, but they take it more seriously that just a single concept. The Tiberian race is known for their scientific development, and their advanced technology.

    People from Tiberius live in super comfortable houses with flying cars, robots, hologram teachers, and lots of think we do not even imagine. They put technology and peace instead of everything else. indeed, those two things are symbol phrases in the planet. All the money they produced is directed towards education and technology. For instance, 95% of their income is for those two things. Life in this planet is all based on futuristic and incredible things. you can see in the main cities trains that travels at the speed of light, so the people do not have to take a lot of time in going form one place to other. If you have money to buy a car, you are going to be able to travel even faster than the speed of light, and the car will drive by itself. on the other hand, there are some things there is lack of family union and friends usually talk through holograms. 

    Tiberius is one of the most advanced planets in the galaxy, which is a really good thing, but a lot of species are looking to attack this race to obtain such a technology, so they can achieve unimaginable things. The tiberians are always defending themselves from this threats. They have to be careful from future attacks. 

Planet Tiberius

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