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Creatures and Plants 

      Planet tiberius is full of amazing creatures, and most of them are pacific and really similar to earth´s species, but there are some really dangerous creatures that could kill a lot of people. on the one hand, we have, "the aquatic BHJIK", which means that they could put the people in jeopardy, on the other hand, we have "the Terrestrial BHJIK", which means that they are risky to be with. some of the most dangerous creatures are: the elephant head, the big foot, the kraken, and the MJIKILOP. These creatures can think almosta s a normal human, but htye can reproduce as fast as a human does, and every time one of this creatures is born, its mother dies, so they can´t have a really big population. otherwise, they could kill the tiberians, adn take over this planet. 

         In terms of plants, most of the plants you can find in this planet are normal trees, or flowers of different types and color. However, you can find one type of plant that is lethal and mortal. this plant is mainly found in the most dangerous forests, its name is the JKILUO, and it´s one of the known plant in the galaxy, since it was used to destroy an entire force, so the plant did a lot for this planet. the main function of this planet is to eat anything that steps or touches it, but since it is really small, most of the people cannot see it, unless you have learned from it, or on the other hand, you are tiberian.

Planet Tiberius

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