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Planet Profile 

  • Star: Amina Jono, one of the poorest places in the galaxy.

  • Distance From Earth: 120 light years (LY)

  • Average Year: 1080 earth days, almost 3 times what a year means to us 

  • Average Day: 2 earth days 

  • Size: 3 times the size of the earth. Water is not that common as in earth

  • Gravity: 25g, which means that it is impossible for a human to live in this planet

  • Distinctions: The planet is unique, since their population, and all what lives in it, normally lives about 500 years. Additionally, there is no disease, and the water cures everything, but there is just 10% of water in the entire planet. Water is the most expensive thing. While the food is really cheap. Normally water is found in the subsoil; moreover, the water smells like what we call here in earth perfume. In Tiberius, people instead of using money as a way of payment, they use water. In this planet, tall buildings are not allowed, just houses because for them a house is a better building to live in. Consequently, the planet is full of houses everywhere, and cities as we know it in earth do not exist. Instead, there are enormous neighborhoods, and everyone knows everyone. War is not an option for them, and whoever attempts to star a war is sentenced to dead. This is also one of the most pacific planets in the entire galaxy. Finally, this planet is full of forests and animals, this is also one of its good things. People from this planet are physically the same as people in earth, even though, their internal composition is different, their outside look is the same.

Planet Tiberius

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