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       Tiberius is governed by a super democratic regime. Super democratic means that everything goes to voting, and people have to decide their own laws. indeed, every decision taken is first accepted by the people, so the government just do the polls. The president is MIKLO KJUI, and currently he has 200 years governing, he has followed every legislative aspect of the planet. Through the history, this planet had had difficult situations, which led them to the place they are nowadays.

    On the one hand, we can say that the way that the planet is governed is good. On the other hand, we can see that the government as a whole do not have power of absolutely anything, they cannot even make a really small law without taking the people´s consideration. Every citizen can propose a law, and the government have to put the polls, so the citizens can decide whether or not they want that law.

    Finally, if at least 70% of the civilians do not accept the government, a change is required, and a new person has to take over the presidency, but the legislation will always be the same, unless everyone decides to call for a new congress. In order to vote in this planet you must have at least 65 years old, which is the minium legal age. To be president on the other hand, you must have at least 150 years, and have studied for 70 or more years.

Planet Tiberius

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