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     The population of Tiberius, also called "The Tiberians" were just like the human race in earth. They started as a very primitive individual, and they started developing and evolving. The planet was invaded, and the loses were incalculable. They were attacked by the Yiolks, and as expected, they lost terribly. But still they could recuperate the planet. The Tiberians after the invasion were first a really poor and not that technological country. Time passed by, and the tiberians started developing more. After several centuries, they started growing in population, and in technological development. One day a president called Thaalis Lolmnz, came in power, and he converged all the countries, and he made a single country. This way the resources were equally divided, and more importantly, he could have the control by himself. He changed every single aspect of the planet. At the moment monarchy was the only way of governing, and Thaalis changed that completely. The guy came up with an amazing idea, of letting the citizens vote for whoever they want as president. Additionally, he created the best way of education, so the citizens could choose wisely and with criteria. Since that president on, all the other presidents have been absolutely perfect in their time. They have their own military force, but just for extraterrestrial attacks. The Tiberians as we called them, are a combination of the Yiolks and the Kjoils. They are more intelligent than those races, and that is the main reason why they all want to take over the planet.                                                        

"The Tiberians"

Planet Tiberius

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