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           Planet Tiberius is mainly composed of three main biomes, which are: Forests, Tundra, and Aquatic. Forests is the most predominant among these 3 biomes. It forms 50% of the planet. While the Tundra just composes 40%, and the Aquatic composes 10%. The Tiberians live mainly in the biomes of Forests and Tundras, but they take more care of the aquatic one. In this planet the population was educated to manage the environment in the best possible way, so the planet would be save, as well as the population. People from this planet do not eat fish, since they think that if they killed me, the environment will be destroyed. In terms of Tundra, they just eat meat from bears, and animals from the forests, but not from the aquatic biome.

Forest: 50%
Forest: 50%
Tundra: 40%
Aquatic: 10%


                 Forests, Tundras, and Oceans all of them have millions of lives. In Tiberius, the fish are the most precious ones, and the ones with the highest population, there are around 78 million fish in this planet. While there are just have of this population between the Forests and Tundras. There are nearly 500.000 species in this planet, and most of this species are vegetarian and also pacific. However, there are some really dangerous species that could kill everyone in this planet , so they maintain them as far from the urban centers as possible. In addition, people cannot go near those beasts without warning, and those place are monitored day and night. Still, a lot of people have died because of these terrific animals, and authorities have tried to prevent tragedies like that to happen again. In terms of the terrestrial ecosystem, half 33% of the animal population live on terrestrial territory. While 67% live either in the ocean, or water bodies in general.

Planet Tiberius

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