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                 People in Tiberius do not believe in Religion at all, they believe that religion is the main reason of war. Their main belief is on science, and the evolution of race. However, there was a moment when they believed in god. this is called in tiberius, "The experimental age." They realized that war was the only thing that it brought, so they just forgot about religion, and they started to believe in science. Since they realized it, all their efforts have being focused on science experimentation. They obliterated all the churches, and religious things , they even forgot and killed religious languages and prayers. The planet developed extreme advanced technology to improve their lives. The planet´s symbol is, "Peace against evolution", this means tiberians prefer to be in peace than to develop new technologies. Even though they don´t believe in god, they surely believe in peace and respect. This planet has twice as much allies as they have enemies. They have just been once in war, and their history was marked because of that. The reason of this war was because of religious purposes. however, not all the fault was on religion, since the government at the time, stimulated a war that was unwinnable. 

       Finally, tiberians have treatys all over the galaxy to exterminate religions everywhere, and just focus on scientific means, so the galaxy can be a better place for everyone, and war can be extirpated from once and for all. We all hope that the tiberians can achieve such a goal, so that we all can forget about war.

Planet Tiberius

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