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Economy and Trade

        Economy in this planet is based on the amount of water a person has. The thing is that supplies and the amount of "money" is shared equally between all citizens, so poverty is not as common as in earth. 1 out of every 100 people is poor. Whereas, more than half of the population is either rich or have a good quality of life. people from this planet can buy whatever they want in another galaxies and planets. Economy here consist on exportation of technology, since this is one of the most developed and advanced planets. People now is just interested in protecting their water, because even though robbery is not common in Tiberius, they still protect a lot their money.

     Trade here as i said is basically who has more water. water can function as money, and also as medicine, but people have to work a lot in order to earn a lot of this water. people is distributed from less poor or rich to poor, they go in different houses, and territories. in addition. they go to different schools and universities just because of the money. The economy here is really stable, and no depression or crisis have taken place. Before they started exporting their technology, they used to sell their water at a really high price. But they realized that they were losing their most precious supply and resource, so they decided to stop selling the water, and find different ways of living a proper life. They sale their finding on diseases and different fields to allies planets. While they create weapons and machinery to be protected. 

Planet Tiberius

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