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           Tiberius is a very united country, even in language and culture. All tiberians have a single common language, which is the tibertian. This language is the one that is taught in schools, but there are several other languages in this planet. Before the union, the planet was divided in 6 parts, each part had its own language. Still nowadays, they still prevail that part of their dialect. Every person in a specific region should speak the dialect or language of the place. otherwise, he will be sent to an education center to learn the expression of that territory. One thing of the tibertian language is that it is similar to the english dialect, so most of the tiberians would understand the prose we speak. in addition, people in this planet speak in a different way, it is true that their anatomy is similar to the human, but their way of speaking is not, since most of them speak with their mouth shut, and they do not know how to read out loud. The Tiberians also speak the allies wording, without an problem. IF anyone go as a turistic, to know their dialect is not a requirement. 

     The people from this planet usually learn 5 or 6 languages throughout their life, but the ones that study language arts, can learn more than 20, but it all depends on the needs of every person. The tiberians do not pay that much attention to accent or expression, they just care about their science development, but still they learn ho to speak each language properly. 

Planet Tiberius

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